Gaming App Construction Kit

Gaming App Contrustion Kit

G.A.C.K. (gaming app construction kit) is an app where you create games without any programming knowledge. Ranging from shoot-em up games to jump&run games - it's all possible. And all this is done with an easy to use graphical user interface. That makes developing even more fun.

The dream of your own game has come into reach. Best of all, the interface is as easy to use as building with brics. Thus, even the kids can independently tinker on games.

With the full version you can pack your games into real apps.

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Quick Overview


What can you do with GACK?

Many put demos on YouTube. Some of the best can be seen here...

Distribute games

You can create HTML5 apps and sell them on the online markets! Also, you can share them with your friends on a desktop computer.

I want G.A.C.K.

G.A.C.K. is finally available!

More information about the original SEUCK, the retro origin of GACK.


Please give some feedback if is something is wrong, or when you created something with G.A.C.K. you want to show or publish . You can use the contact formular, or the G.A.C.K. forum:
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